Maximizing On YouTube Marketing With Thumbnails And Clip Arts

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Maximizing On YouTube Marketing With Thumbnails And Clip Arts

One out of every eight internet users spends at least ten hours or more viewing videos, and YouTube now has over two billion daily active users around the globe. For brands it represents an unparalleled opportunity to connect with customers on an even deeper level than with other media, such as print or television. YouTube marketing is a rather complex tool, which calls for a creative approach to maximize its potential. However, it offers one of the easiest and most effective means of creating a positive public perception and buzz about a brand or product. Here are some tips to help you create engaging and successful YouTube videos for marketing.

Design Your Video With a Creative Title YouTube is all about attention-grabbing titles that compel viewers to click through to the video, so it’s crucial that you give your creative title some extra attention. Your title should stand out and be memorable, but it must also make sense. For instance, if your video is about “Yosemite National Park,” then you’d probably want to name your video something like,” Yosemite National Park: The Best of Secrets.” One quarter of all internet users will only spend ten minutes or less on your page, so your thumbnails will be essential for optimizing exposure.

Include Keywords in Your Video One of the biggest mistakes that many people make when editing their videos is including too much text. The problem with heavy text is that it can easily become distracting to viewers and they’ll more often than not leave your video without even watching it. This isn’t a big problem if you’re targeting a niche audience, but if you’re attempting to reach a mass audience, it’s best to keep everything simple and short. Try using smaller fonts, vivid colors, and unique images. When you keep things interesting, your viewers will keep going back to your page.

Use Flash Clip Art It’s incredibly easy to create high quality, professional looking clip art from scratch, but YouTube offers lots of free image and video templates that you can use in your videos. Using stock clip art is fine, but unless you have a background in illustrative design, the results can often be substandard. Instead, try looking through the large selection of high quality images and artwork offered by YouTube’s graphics team. You can also utilize the free clip art from third party websites, but I find it a little more difficult to apply with YouTube. However, if you use the right plug-in, you can add your own graphics from third party websites and images into your video. This is an easy way to give your YouTube marketing a professional look without completely draining your bank account.

Use Thumbler Templates Instead of trying to come up with your own unique graphics, many people use thumbnails created by plug-ins. These are small images that allow viewers to see a thumbnail of your video, along with a description, in a different format than thumbnails used for other purposes on the site. For example, you can use video thumbnails or gallery thumbnails to share screen shots in your movies, slide shows, or presentations. This can help build brand recognition among your audience because unique videos tend to be more interesting to viewers.

Use YouTube Search Engine Optimization Don’t forget about search engine optimization when it comes to using thumbnails and clip art in your video marketing efforts. This is one of the best ways to attract more attention to your videos. Because the video will be located on the first page of Google when someone searches for particular terms, you want to make sure that your videos stand out above the rest. Utilizing popular keywords in your tags and titles, as well as in the body of your video, can draw more attention to your videos and help increase your search engine optimization scores.