Using Digital Marketing to Promote Your Business

The last two years have been very different for companies that have integrated their businesses on the Internet with digital marketing and social media. Instead of using them for a singular cause, many are using them as a marketing channel to benefit from its multi-tasking ability.

Social media and mobile technologies make it possible for us to socialize and communicate in a way that we couldn’t have done earlier. That being said, not all organizations are able to effectively use them to their benefit. In fact, some try to do it the wrong way and end up with little to show for it.

With so many companies out there struggling to find a niche topic, one thing has become clear – a single strategy can be insufficient. It is time for companies to use several different approaches in order to create a multi-tasking experience. This is where interactive marketing strategies like Instagram come into play.

Today’s digital marketing is all about speed and efficiency. You want your customer’s attention within seconds of the ad being published on your website. That’s why Instagram is so effective at keeping customers engaged and staying on your app.

Let’s look at how the two interact, and how this can benefit your business. Imagine a scenario: you are out shopping and notice a great shirt that says “Eat More”. You snap a picture of it and go to upload it to Instagram. Now imagine someone walking up to you to give you their opinion.

One interesting story is that you can ask the person what they thought of the shirt, and they might reply that they enjoyed the design, but preferred the content. They didn’t feel that the message was interesting enough to keep them looking at the picture, but that they would have posted it if they thought the message was great.

This same concept applies to Instagram, where the length of the story plays a role in whether people return. An amusing short story can keep the eyes of people who are quickly reading through. On the other hand, an article that is well written and contains valuable information will likely keep your readers longer.

Of course, the best part of all this is that you can easily do both kinds of media at the same time! Instagram users can add their stories to their profile, while news outlets can publish their content to their websites.

For your company, this can be a great idea because you can use the generated traffic to add value to your brand. Don’t forget that this also includes how to get people to pay attention to your ads.

Stories have to be easy to digest, and they have to be quick to respond to. You want to get in your message, and your text, but make sure that it is worthy of the time it takes to read it. The amount of effort needed to make sure the content is worth the time spent is dependent on the kind of product and message you want to communicate.

Mobile is a very important part of the internet, and I don’t mean just the websites. For example, if you were selling a pet food manufacturer, your brand would be much more successful if you could reach more people. For your mobile campaign, videos are ideal.

If you use a mobile or social media marketing strategy, there is a lot you can do. Just remember that it can take time to build up to the long term benefits of using these types of channels. But you can’t ignore the immediate benefits of mobile and digital marketing.