Marketing – The Journey From Awareness to Purchasing a Product to Customer Loyalty

Marketing has evolved to become more than a series of sales pitches. Instead of focusing solely on selling products, modern marketers must create a desire among their audience to take action. Traditional marketing requires an audience to take action weeks or even months after seeing an advertisement, while modern marketing requires an audience to act instantly. In other words, modern marketing involves a consumer journey from awareness to purchasing a product to customer loyalty. Listed below are some of the major elements of modern marketing.

Awareness: In the initial stage, a potential customer is unaware of the brand. They may only have seen it for the first time, but this is not a reason to stop trying. In general, people don’t buy significant items right away. They first need to build interest and knowledge, which may require various forms of marketing. Then, they are more likely to purchase the product. The process of acquiring this level of interest is called ‘awareness’ and involves developing an understanding of what the product can offer the customer.

AIDA Model: The AIDA model of marketing identifies the problem a potential customer has and addresses it. This model helps retailers better understand customers’ motivations. By focusing on their needs, retailers can convert a visitor into a customer. The AIDA model identifies four stages of purchase that customers take: awareness, interest, desire, and action. In order to reach the goal of selling a product, marketers should be aware of the pain points and the root cause of the problem.

Customer Decision Model: Consumers undergo a series of stages during their decision-making process. A consumer becomes aware of a particular product or service and begins to research it. They also start comparing different brands in their minds and make an informed decision on which one to purchase. By understanding what motivates the consumer, marketers can create effective marketing campaigns that increase their profits and customer loyalty. So, what are the main steps to marketing? What can you do to make it a success?

SEO: Search Engine Optimisation is essential for online business success. SEO is a strategy that considers technical aspects of a website as well as the quality of traffic to support the marketing strategy. In today’s multi-channel world, marketing is not about reaching an audience at one point. It’s about communicating the right message to the right people. This means that marketers need to learn about their customers’ decision-making processes and their preferred communication channels.

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