Is Microblogging an Effective Marketing Strategy?

Although Weibo no longer completely dominates China s online social space, it’s still growing rapidly (see parts below). There are however certain unique features of Weibo that make the site particularly suited to KOL advertising: its very easy integration with Taobao & Tall, its viral nature and easy application to multiple platforms (website, iOS, Android). Furthermore, Weibo also offers a great deal of flexibility for businesses looking to target their target market and increase exposure. This article will highlight some of the key differences between Weibo and other social media outlets, as well as some good examples of KOL advertising using Weibo.

Weibo Marketing

Unlike many sites and apps, one of the primary differences between Weibo and others is the use of the “brand” keyword as the domain name of the ad account. The purpose of the ad account is purely to allow a brand to have an advertisement on a website and benefit from the associated backlink/ visibility. For this reason, the ad account is much more tightly controlled by the brand than on other sites or apps where the keyword is used simply to generate backlinks. In other words, the Weibo ad account is effectively a brand in its own right: as well as providing a way for the brand to gain local knowledge about their products and services, the ad account can also provide the means for users to engage with the brand and help spread the content virally.

One of the most interesting ways in which Weibo has adopted a viral approach is the use of influencers. Influencers are individuals who use Weibo as a platform to engage with customers in a more personal way. They are known as microbloggers and can be celebrities, public figures or ordinary people with Weibo accounts. They use Weibo’s hash tag feature to invite others to follow them and share their Weibo content; as followers of their content grow, their popularity will spread too.

Microblogging is in itself a powerful marketing strategy, as it enables you to interact directly with your audience without having to resort to other forms of advertising. In addition to that, a microblog can be updated in real time and can be used to provide breaking news stories or even stunts, such as the Japanese Dieting Baby Challenge. As your followers get to know your brand better and engage with the content on your site, they will become regular readers. This will enable your brand to build strong connections with your audience. Brand awareness and strong ties with your audience will lead to high sales conversions for you.

If you currently run a marketing campaign on Weibo, you may notice the following benefits: effective marketing strategy, high targeted traffic, high return of investment, low cost, no limit to the potential audience and no limit to opportunities. You could tap into the huge Chinese audience, which is almost 30% of the world’s population; you could use the Weibo interface to offer your products and services directly to your audience without any unnecessary promotion. If you haven’t started using microblogging for marketing on Weibo, now is the perfect time to do so! The benefits are simply too important to neglect at any cost.

You can make quick Weibo Marketing Work for your business by following these simple tips: – Stay connected with Weibo users by posting new Weibo content on your Twitter or Facebook accounts on a regular basis. – Keep an eye on your Weibo account for tips and announcements about your brand. – Be active on your Weibo account by replying to posts and tweets, and by adding comments to discussion threads. – Build a good relationship with your existing customers by thanking them for supporting your business and spreading the word. – Make use of the hash tag feature on Weibo to get more traffic to your site.