Effective Email Marketing – How to Write an Effective Subject Line to Increase Your Open Rates

email marketing

Among the many rules of email marketing, the most important is that your subject line should provoke curiosity and a call to action. Make your email title mysterious and enigmatic so that your customers are compelled to read on. For instance, you can use words such as “free shipping” or “limited time offer” to increase your email open rates. Also, implying time sensitivity in your subject line is highly effective, since it triggers an immediate response from your readers. You can also include your customer’s name to increase the likelihood of them replying to your email.

You can also try to use visual content in your email, as some designers recommend. Digital Marketer makes use of a curious-inducing subject line and includes an engaging video. Clover also makes use of emojis, but not excessively. Mary Fernandez makes use of personalized content to increase opening rates. For instance, a persona-specific subject line may make your message more compelling to a reader. Likewise, you can personalize your emails and include information that is relevant to your customer’s life, thereby encouraging them to read them.

The first hurdle that digital marketers face is email deliverability. According to statistics, 20 percent of marketing emails are never opened by their recipients. In Europe and Asia, 66% of marketing emails reach the inbox. Hence, it is important to ensure that your subject line is attractive. Apart from a captivating subject line, a good email delivery rate is also important for increasing email open rates. Remember that a higher open rate translates to better sales and higher profits.

You can personalize your emails by using the names of your customers, location, interests, purchase history, etc. These details will help you send the right messages. Personalized emails can help your subscribers feel special and increase your email open rate. These subjects also help you to build a relationship with your subscribers. A personalized email will make them feel special, which leads to increased trust. That’s why email marketing is so important. If your email subject is not personalized, it will end up in the spam folder.

A compelling subject line is critical to your email’s open rate. Studies have shown that emails with a number in the subject line receive a higher open rate than those without. This is because a number sets the right expectations for your email and attracts the attention of readers. Therefore, your subject line should contain at least one number. You can even use an emoji instead. This will increase your open rates by 26% and 7%, respectively.

You can use scarcity as a marketing tool. Many airlines use it in their subject lines to create a sense of urgency and encourage customers to read the emails. In addition, a scarcity concept raises value when demand is greater than supply. To use this principle in email subject lines, mention that your offer is only valid for a limited time. Also, try to use the word “limited” to attract customers. Providing a freebie in the subject line will encourage them to open the email.