4 Ways To Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing

4 Ways To Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing is about using different types of content to attract a crowd. This can include articles, images, videos, podcasts, blogs, eBooks, images and so on. Content marketing uses creative content to attract people. Content Marketing is also called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Content marketing is a key component for effective Search Engine Optimization.

Content Marketing can be broken down into four main categories namely, eCommerce, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media and Search Engine Optimization. Content Marketing shares useful, interesting, relevant and specific information to your targeted audience. There are four types of content: written text, images, videos, audio and social media. Here I am going to discuss about each one separately. Let’s have a look:

Text and Images: Text and images are excellent tools for content marketing as they engage and attract the audience. With texts you can present data, show graphics, or make other persuasive presentations. On the other hand, images and videos provide visually rich information that attracts online users. Moreover, it’s easier for online users to understand graphic content as they do not have high screen resolution. For better result, you should use both text and images.

Augmented Reality: In the world of internet marketing, augmented reality offers a powerful opportunity to create real-life user experience through various types of content. For example, a game developer can create an application within his/her app and link that app to augmented reality. Users can travel around virtual world and enjoy the sights, sounds, and other elements in that particular location. In this case, the content would not be simply text or image but 3D images with rich interactive nature. This is one of the most important aspects of content marketing as it provides a richer, more meaningful and enjoyable user experience.

Immersive Voice Response: Also known as IVR, the concept of immersive voice response offers a unique blend of rich audio with real-time interactivity. It is a great way to deliver quick and important answers to customer queries. In fact, this is one of the best ways to provide valuable content. A good example of this is when an insurance company provides coverage details or terms and conditions on its website. However, the best scenario is when the customer interacts directly with a live agent and asks questions or suggests improvements.

White Papers, E-Books, Articles: Another way to engage and attract customers is to publish white papers, articles or other content related to your product or service on different article directories. You can also publish infographics or interactive content pieces on your website. These will help you gain more exposure as well as enhance your credibility as a quality content provider.